How To Remove DRM from Amazon AZW and KFX files(Support Kindle for PC 1.19 or above)

Starting in 2015, Amazon has developed a new format called KFX. This format adds advanced formatting options such as hyphens, ligatures, and improved word spacing.

Until recently there was no way to remove DRM or convert KFX eBooks to other format. The only way to crack this format was to downgrade the Kindle for PC to the version 1.17, download the old format ebook, and remove the DRM.

The good news is that Discoverysoft eBook Converter Ultimate can remove DRM on the latest version of the Kindle for PC / Mac, without downgrading to Kindle for PC version 1.17.

Next, this article will introduce ways to remove DRM from KFX ebook.

1. Download and install Discoverysoft eBook Converter Ultimate.

2. Download and install the Kindle for PC / Mac.

Download link:

3. Run Discoverysoft eBook Converter Ultimate, in the right list, will show you have downloaded Kindle ebooks.

4. Select the e-book you want to convert.

5. Click the ‘Add Checked To Task List’ button to add to the task list.

6. Select the format you want to convert, and click ‘Start’ button to convert ebooks.