Guide to Remove Kindle DRM Mac Catalina and Later

Please ensure your Kindle for MAC is older than 1.32 because books downloaded via kindle for Mac 1.32 is unable to be cracked. If you’ve already installed the kindle for MAC 1.32, please uninstall it and then download & install the kindle for MAC 1.31.

Kindle for Mac v1.31 download here:



Step 1. Remove downloaded books

Remove downloaded kindle books from computer at first.



2. Stop the render-test program

Close Kindle for Mac and open the terminal window and input following code:

chmod -x /Applications/

Some users will fail to remove Kindle DRM even if they have execute this command. That’s because some of you don’t have the root privilege to stop the render-test program. To ensure you can 100% to remove Kindle DRM successfully, please add Sudo before the above command:

sudo chmod -x /Applications/

When you put the above code in the Terminal and then click on “Enter”, you will be requested to fill in your computer passwords. Just fill in it and click on “Enter” again. All done.


Step 3. Re-download Kindle books.

Please right click on the book title and then select “Download” from the drop-down menu. Or download from the menu bar “File–>Download”.

Important: If you double click the book title to download the kindle book, you will get the Kindle KCR format with the latest DRM scheme which cannot be stripped for now. So please ensure your books are downloaded correctly. Also, please don’t open or read your downloaded books before removing kindle DRM. Otherwise, the Kindle files will be changed from .azw to .kcr which cannot be cracked for now. 



4. Remove Kindle DRM on Mac with eBook Converter Ultimate

1. Run eBook Converter Ultimate, click Import button to add all books into file list in converter.

2. Select output format in Output Section button, you can select PDF, Epub, Mobi, AZW and more format in menu items, change output folder if you want.

3. Click Start button to start conversion.