ePUB Validator

ePUB Validator

ePUB Validator is a free tool, the ePub Validator can be used as frequently as needed without having to use the annoying command line. 

– Version: 1.0
– Requirements: java 1.6 or above
– Price: Free!



For those who read eBooks, the term ePub is an easily recognizable one. The ePub format is the globally accepted, completely free and open format designed so that publishers and conversion homes can use in-home, for distribution or sale of what they create.

For years, the epubcheck was the only official tool to validate all ePubs. While it is not the only tool used to check ePub files, it is the one that most eBook stores use on a regular basis. In essence, the epubcheck is not so much the tool to let you know if your ePub is okay. It is actually a tool to let you know that the stores that you might be pitching the eBook to will accept it. If not, you must now run it via a command line.

For those who only occasionally use an epubcheck device, there are only options available. However, for commercial vendors or small business owners who publish on a regular basis and need to use the epubcheck frequently, then this device must be set up on your own machine. It is for these needs, especially when the command line is so inconvenient to use, that the ePub Validator was created.

The ePub Validator integrates the epubcheck to a Windows interface. For those running a small business off PC, the ePub Validator offers advantages of speed and convenience over the old system.


Since the ePub Validator can be incorporated into the Windows format, you can use it with other Window devices that you have to continue your work with other computers, laptops and devices capable of carrying your ePubs that need validation.


Since the ePub Validator is part of your Windows program, it can be accessed quickly and used immediately so it can validate ePubs so they can be sent into commercial venues as soon as possible. This free tool cuts down on the number of operations needed and gets right to the validation so important for small businesses today.


Free is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to a convenient program that saves time and can be used on other Windows devices when needed. Also, this means that you can download one in a pinch in case you get a new device or need to use another to validate your ePubs.

All is all, the ePub Validator does exactly what it sets out to do by carrying out the important validation of ePubs so you can get them to commercial sites quickly. This all in one program is easy to use and saves time, especially over the older method of epubcheck which was somewhat awkward to utilize when trying to validate multiple ePubs at once.

The ePub Validator comes highly recommended and is certainly a worthwhile addition for those who need to publish ePubs on a frequent basis. The intuitive nature of the program fulfills a definite need for those who need ePub validation on a regular basis.