How to Convert ePub files to PDF

Given the plethora of eBooks that are now available on the web, the sheer number of formats can be quite confusing. This is especially true for those who have specific devices that do not allow for some formats to be read.

However, there is now converters that allow you to take the different formats of eBooks and change them so that they can be read on your electronic reader. But how exactly do converters work, what types of files do they convert and which one should you choose?

What are Converters?

Essentially, converters are software systems that are designed to transform one type of file to another. The files that need conversion are the types that are used by one type of eBook reader platform, but not another.

Converters are generally used when a person is switching from one type of eBook reader to another. While many of the files may be generic in nature and readable, there are other types of files that are specific and therefore will need conversion.

What Types of Converters should be Considered?

Basically, you will want a robust, high quality conversion software system that recognizes the major types of files used by eBook readers and coverts them to the format of your choice. The typical types of reading platforms include the following

– iPad
– iPod Touch
– iPhone
– Nook Color/Tablet
– Android Phone/Tablet
– Sony Reader & More

The conversion software you select should be able to identify the particular file and then covert it in simple, easy to understand steps to the type of file that your eBook reading platform can use. Generally speaking, you will want to convert the file either to the specific type of file designed for your eBook reader, such as MOBI for example. Or, to convert it to a more generic type of file that any eBook reader can accept, such as a PDF.

What are ePub and PDF files?

ePub stands for “electronic publication” file that use the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) that is an open format which most reading devices can see. A “PDF” file is one of the oldest types of files on the internet and it is as close to universal as possible since it can be read by almost any device.

How Should the Converter Work?

The converter should also use specific, easy to follow steps as well. For example, if you have an ePub file you want to convert to PDF, then the procedure should be fairly straightforward.

Import File: Here, you import the ePub file that you wish to convert to PDF.

Customize Settings: This is where you set up the conversion to PDF.

Convert the File: The conversion process should be simple and straightforward.

Once converted, you should be able to read the file easily on your device. Whether you choose to use a format that is specific to your eBook reader or one that is open and generic in nature, such as the PDF, you should be able to read it on your device.

Getting the right converter can save you a considerable amount of time and effort since you can transfer files instead of having to re-acquire them from other sources. You’ll want to find the right converter for your needs so you can view your materials on any eBook reading device.