How to Converting PDF Files to ePub

Perhaps you want to turn your PDF files into ePub files so you can open them on various mobile devices such as your iPhone or iPad. If you want to do that regularly, follow this tutorial closely. You will learn the steps on converting PDF files to ePub files with a three-step process. Turning a PDF file into ePub requires you to have a computer with Windows installed in it, an eBook converter, and of course your PDF files.

Make sure that the eBook converter is already installed. You can use it to turn your PDF files to ePub rapidly, thus enabling you to open them on various mobile devices. Follow these three steps:

1. Open the converter. Then place your desired PDF files to be turned to ePub.
2. When the program asks you for the output type, choose EPUB. Then find a folder where the resulting ePub files will be saved.
3. Then click “Start” to begin conversion.

That is all you need to convert PDF files into ePub. Now, here is how you can read the ePub files on your mobile device: Connect your mobile device to your computer by using the USB cable that came with the device. Then move the ePub files to iTunes so you will be able to sync your files to your chosen mobile device, such as iPhone or iPad.

So if you are amazed by the ease of the process, download the converter now and start converting your PDF files to ePub, so you can begin enjoying them.

The eBook converter download: