How to converting TXT files to ePub

Mobile devices allow us to read eBooks more frequently. Indeed, eBooks has become one of our primary sources of entertainment. One eBook format is TXT, which is compatible with many mobile phones and computers. However, TXT is incompatible with some smartphones like the iPhone and iPad. So how do you convert a TXT file into ePub, which is a smartphone-supported file format?

You can also use the eBook Converter to convert any TXT file to ePub. Just as in converting PDF to ePub, converting TXT to ePub requires only three steps. Follow these steps and you will marvel at how easy it is:

1. Install the feature “eBook Converter”, then add the files you want to convert to ePub. The program is free to download and open. Click “Add” to import the Text files you want to convert to ePub.

2. Choose “EPUB” as the desired output.

3. Start converting by clicking “Start”. The converter will begin right away. The process may take just a short while or it may take long, depending on how large your Text files are.

The eBook converter download: